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Statement of JC de los Reyes on Sen. Noynoy Aquino's "desperate man" comments

by Jc de los Reyes (originally published February 25, 2010 at Facebook)

If the good senator does not know, I have been working quietly in the trenches about issues related to workers’ rights and their welfare in my hometown. I have gone after corrupt public officials by filing cases before the Ombudsman. 
JC de los Reyes

He asks, where was Kapatiran during NBNZTE? We were with his mother, Jun Lozada and Sister MJ the whole time, please ask Mr. Lozada, Sisters MJ and Estrella and Mae Paner, one of his supporters. On other issues, we were with Sumilao farmers in Bukidnon and the farmers who conducted a hunger strike at Batasan and DAR. To denounce extrajudicial killings I was at the wake of Bishop Alberto Ramento killed at Tarlac. For the past 3 years I have gone to 36 provinces to educate the people on a problem Senator Aquino seems to deny – that our country is run by irresponsible, corrupt and unproductive political parties.

This is evident when we see the failure of congress to get key legislations passed due to personal and familial interests or absences/lack of quorum, illegal compromises, pork barrel abuses, mockery of impeachment hearings, bribery, etc. Has there been an LP, NP, NPC, Lakas member disciplined or expelled other than Ampatuan? Political expediency and compromise is the name of the game. If what I said hurt him, the truth indeed hurts.

Noynoy Aquino

Yes I admit, I am desperate in seeking attention because I want the people to know that Kapatiran is introducing prophetic politics of personal and social transformation. The party is committed and we are desperate in crushing poverty and abject injustice – which are everywhere to be seen, but those in high offices, ‘who have been there, done that’ are not able to do anything about.

He belittles my party when it is the only national political party that is principle- and platform-based, with clear and specific policy objectives all aimed at enhancing the common good, the politics of virtue and of duty, and where all members and candidates subscribe and are committed to the entirety of the principles and platform without exception and without mental reservation – a testament to integrity, that is, steadfast adherence to strict moral and ethical code, to being unimpaired, and to being whole and undivided.

Two senatorial candidates, originally from Ang Kapatiran Party and who had committed to support me as the standard-bearer (the party has actual video of their commitment), either jumped ship or were recruited by the Liberal Party. Deceit, popularity, winnability, and machinery are kinds of political expediency that I and we in Ang Kapatiran Party want to rid in Philippine politics which is prevalent in NP, LP, Lakas-Kampi, NPC, etc.

Those who know me personally can attest that I am man enough to confront even my own blood relatives and any member or candidate of my political party whenever my principles and my conscience commands me. I just hope that IF- not when- Senator Aquino wins and swears by the Cory Constitution, which was mandated and ratified under his mother’s term, he could effect even at least one of the reforms needed like the passage of the anti-political dynasty bill. In this sense I want him to succeed.

(Reposted with permission from Mr. JC de los Reyes) 



De los Reyes, JC. 'Statement of JC de los Reyes on Senator Aquino's comments (Aquino calls presidential rival a 'desperate' man, Inquirer.Net, 24 F." 25. Feb. 2010.

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Jesusa Bernardo said...

if you talk to Jc, he'll probably add in HOCUS PCOS having seemed to work for the psychologically-challenged-by-default, ZERO-ZERO-bill-solon now "President" Aquino III.

compared to the "President" daw in Malacanang, mas may nagawa yang si JC....

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