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This is the blogging adjunct of TAGA-ILOG News where all news and opinions under the sun are blogged or reposted.

"Taga-ilog" is a Philippine (Tagalog) term that translates as "from/of the river" or, simply, riverine. It is the word from which the country name envisioned by independentist Filipino heroes of the earlier century was derived from. The inspiration is the archipelagic feature of the Southeast Asian country that renders its over 7,000 islands dotted with rivers or surrounded by bodies of water. The continents of the world, if considered as one entity, is a big archipelago of diverse peoples and lands. In this view, the whole world is a riverine land of different people, races, cultures, governments, business and trading, and lifestyles. TAGA-ILOG News aims to present an eclectic source of news from all corners of the globe.

General, business/technology, science, and sports news feeds cover the world, Asia, and the Philippines from the reportorial perspectives of: AL JAZEERA, AllAfrica News, BBC News, Bernama, Bulatlat, CNN.com, CSRWire.ca, Inter Press Service, IRIN, Kyodo News, Marketwire, The Manila Bulletin, Newsweek, New York Times, OANA, Reuters, RIA Novosti, Sci/Tech, TIME, Washington Post and Xinhua.

Specialized news links come from Archaeological Magazine, Chemistry World, Discovery Channel, JAMA, MAST, National Geographic, Newsvine, NASA, and Physics Today. RSS Updates are sourced from UN, UNESCO, WWF, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and Transparency International websites.

Special to the Philippines, TAGA-ILOG News features commentaries from The Daily Tribune (Without Fear or Favor), while local, provincial news come from the Laguna Times, Mindanao Times, MindaNews, and The Negros Chronicle. Filipino-American news sites incude Philippine News, The Filipino Express Online, and BalitaPinoy.

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