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The Bald Eagle & NATO in wicked glee over Libyan war spoils

Prof. Jose Maria Sison
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
23 October 2011

The US and its imperialist allies in the NATO targeted Gaddafi and his regime for complete destruction because he had grievously offended them in the following ways: he called for the nationalization and retraction of so-called neoliberal concessions that he had granted to the Western oil companies, he refused to allow the African Command (Africom) of the US to establish its central base in Libya and he pushed a gold-backed dinar as the currency of Africa.

To set up Gaddafi for the kill, so-called human rights organizations financed by the Central Intelligence and the National Endowment for Democracy fabricated exaggerated reports which were subsequently played up by the US and other Western mass media depicting him as wantonly killing his political opponents. Such reports became the basis of the UN Security Council resolution allowing the imperialist powers to impose a no-fly zone over Libya and to undertake all necessary measures supposedly to protect civilians.

As soon as the US and its NATO allies got the resolution, they proceeded to attack Libya’s military and civilian structures, using their high tech air power (including jet fighters, cruise missiles, predator drones and helicopter gunships) and all sorts of bombs (including oxygen-sucking white phosphorus bombs) in order to cripple and destroy the Gaddafi regime. The so-called humanitarian intervention to protect civilians was nothing but a deceptive expression for an extremely brutal war of aggression against Libya and the Libyan people.

The aerial bombardments by the Western powers combined with the ground action by the various armed rabble brigades of the US-NATO sponsored National Transitional Council in massacring more than 60,000 civilians and destroying entire housing blocks and social infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, cultural, sports and recreation centers and sections of the great underground water system of Libya. The Western mass media and the Qatar-owned Al Jazeera rarely showed the mangled bodies of the victims and the ruins of civilian structures even as they kept on showing the rebel rabble ever reveling and ever shooting into the air with all kinds of weapons.

The rebel bands served as baits and guides for aerial attacks and for massacring civilians and wrecking buildings on the ground. Sirte became an untenable position of defense for Gaddafi as it was almost totally razed to the ground from aerial and artillery bombardments. Upon the signal of a US predator drone, French jet fighter planes attacked the convoy of Gaddafi as it tried to escape from Sirte. Only subsequently were the armed puppets on the ground able to seek out and capture Gaddafi and finally manhandle and murder him in full public view over global television.

Following the murder and martyrdom of Gaddafi, the U.S. and NATO allies are jubilant over the prospect of collecting the spoils of war. They control the huge amount of Libya’s sovereign wealth deposited in various Western banks. They are poised to collect payment in advance for the overstated costs of the bombardment and destruction of Libyan lives and property. They are set to tighten their control over the oilfields, grab the gold resources and privatize the water system of Libya and cash in on contracts for the reconstruction of what they have destroyed.

The national traitors that have collaborated with the US and the other Western powers in taking over Libya have been in disarray and will continue to be so to the full advantage of their imperialist masters. So far, they have been put together under the monarchist flag of convenience by their hatred of the Gaddafi regime and by special advisors and special forces who have been kept invisible by television. The US expects to lord over the local conflicting forces by establishing in Libya a US military base for its AFRICOM.

Serious contradictions exist among the NTC principal leaders who defected from Gaddafi regime over the murder of fellow defector NTC commander-in-chief Abdul Fatah Younis whose Obeidi tribe is aching for revenge. There are potentially violent contradictions between the Qatar-financed Islamists (including veterans of the pro-Al Qaida Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who now head the military councils of Tripoli and Benghazi) and the secularists or otherwise who rely on the Misrata and Zintan brigades. Still, there are other complex contradictions involving a wide range of armed factions, tribes and regions.

The overthrow of the Gaddafi regime will not result in democracy, even if some elections would be staged. Whichever of the many armed factions comes on top will tend to rule with an iron fist and will be corrupt as it will wield absolute power. We have seen on global television the wanton violation of the human rights of the civilians and prisoners by those who have overthrown the Gaddafi regime. We have seen the cynicism and callousness of these imperialist agents of sham democracy in the way that they have flaunted and then waved away the flagrant murder of their own commander-in-chief Younnis and their prisoner Gaddafi.

Certain factors are bound to keep the situation in Libya volatile and rife for the growth of a national liberation movement. Most important of such factors are the puppet, violent and corrupt character of the new ruling clique, the persistence of many conflicting armed factions, the still significant following of Gaddafi and the certain loss of social benefits as a result of the widespread destruction of the social infrastructure and increased profit-taking of the imperialists. The people stand to lose such free social services as education , health care, housing,and electricity, subsidized car purchases and negligible gasoline costs, allowances for newly-weds, subsidy for farming and so on.

No matter how much the fallen Gaddafi is ridiculed by the imperialist forces and puppets who have overthrown and murdered him. His martyrdom and final stand as an anti-imperialist fighter can still be inspiring to the tribes and the black Libyans (one third of the population) whose support Gaddafi developed and to the greater number of people who are bound to be oppressed and exploited by the Western imperialists and their puppets.

The anti-imperialist successors of Gaddafi are still the ones in the best position at the moment to carry out a national liberation struggle. But the conditions are also favorable for the rise of patriotic and progressive forces, including the revolutionary party of the working class, the trade union movement and other democratic mass formations, which have been suppressed since 1973 under Gaddafi’s anti-imperialist but anti-communist rule. ###

(Reprinted with permission from Mr. Joma Sison)



Sison, Jose Maria. US and NATO are jubilant over the spoils of war in Libya. 23 October 2011.

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In Support of the Ongoing Occupation of Wall Street

Statement in Support of “Occupy Wall Street” Movement
ILPS - US International Coordinating Committee Members, October 13, 2011


The International League of Peoples Struggle, representing hundreds of organizations in 43 countries, stands with the young workers, students and unemployed occupying Wall Street and city centers around the United States. You are fighting a battle that needs to be fought. You have a right to march and protest without fear of arrest or brutality.


You are right to take to the streets in mass action rather than waiting for change from overpaid Republican and Democratic politicians who are on corporate payrolls. You are right to follow the militant path taken by people from Egypt and Tunisia to Greece and Spain, from Britain to Chile to Wisconsin. From Social Security and the 8-hour day in the 1930s to civil rights laws in the 1960s, mass action is the only way people in this country have won any rights from the corporate ruling class.You are right to take the battle to the doorsteps of that class, the unelected tyrants who own the top 500 banks and corporations. Every day, at electronic speed, they send trillions of dollars around the world in financial transactions while millions cannot find work or afford health care. Their decisions shutter factories, destroy jobs, throw people out of their homes and wreck the economies of communities and entire nations. 


These bankers and billionaires also rake in super-profits from murderous imperialist wars against people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine and elsewhere. In the U.S., they have created a monstrous police state-prison-industrial complex to lock up mostly youth of color, the children of generations of workers, whom they now deny the right to a job.


New York City Mayor Bloomberg, one of the richest men on earth, lies when he says that banks create jobs. His banker pals at JPMorgan Chase and Citibank have destroyed 7 million jobs since 2008. This billionaire parasite is closing schools, bus lines, clinics and libraries while increasing his personal fortune by billions of dollars since he took office.


They stole them! And not just the bailout money they were given by both the Bush and Obama administrations. The fortunes of the top 1 percent are the unpaid labor of generations of workers not just in the United States but all over the world. It was created in farms and factories, mills  and building sites, mines and offices from the Nile Delta to the Mississippi Delta, from South Africa to South Korea to South Carolina, from Mindanao to Mexico to Michigan. Many of the biggest fortunes in the U.S were founded on the slave trade. This wealth belongs to all humanity.


It is not a matter of making the rich pay their “fair share.” They have no right to even a penny from anyone else’s labor. We must smash their power over our lives. The source of that power is imperialism, the merger of finance and industrial capital that is plundering the entire world. To fight them we must take a clear stand against imperialism and racism and join hands with people all over the globe who are fighting the same enemy.Both the Republican and Democratic parties represent Wall Street, we have to fight for ourselves. As ILPS Chairperson, Prof. Jose Maria Sison, pointed out in his Keynote Address to the 4th International Assembly this past July, "The Democratic and Republican parties in the US compete as do Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola in flagrantly carrying out the policy dictates of the financial oligarchy and the military industrial complex. Both parties agree on raising the US debt ceiling. And to blunt public protests, they promise to bring down the public deficit, with the Democrats wishing to reduce the tax cuts for the corporations and upper class and the Republicans demanding the further reduction of government social spending."Everyone on this planet has the right to a job, food, health care, education, a home and a peaceful life. The wealth is there! We created it! But to take it back, we must deepen our struggle, strengthen our unity and increase our organization and continue to fight!



The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) is an anti-imperialist and democratic united front of mass formations at the international, global region and national levels that represents the interests of the workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, youth and students, women, queer and questioning, the homeless, migrants and refugees. It brings together and coordinates the people's organizations according to common multisectoral and sectoral interests and purposes. The ILPS initiates and launches mass campaigns and various types of activities and seeks the cooperation of other anti-imperialist and democratic forces and at the same time, it joins and supports their initiatives. For more information, or link up with us at

(Reprinted with permission from Prof. Joma Sison)



Joma Sison account, Facebook. Statement in Support of “Occupy Wall Street” Movement.
14 October 2011.

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Parangal kay Ka Roger

ni Prop. Jose Maria Sison
Tagapangulong Tagapagtatag, Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas
Punong Konsultant sa Pulitika, Pambansang Demokratikong Prente ng Pilipinas
10 Oktubre 2011

NAIS namin ni Julie na ipaabot ang pinakatauspusong pakikiramay sa mga anak at kamaganakan ni Kasamang Gregorio Rosal, Ka Roger, gayundin sa lahat ng kadre at kasapi ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas, lahat ng Pulang komander at mandirigma ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB o NPA), lahat ng kapanalig ng Pambansang Demokratikong Prente ng Pilipinas (PDPP o NDFP) at sa malawak na masa ng sambayanang Pilipino.

Nagdadalamhati tayong lahat sa pagpanaw ni Ka Roger at dama natin ang matinding pangungulila. Subalit higit na mahalaga na ipagdiwang natin ang tampok na mga  tagumpay niya sa matapat na rebolusyonaryong paglilingkod sa proletaryado at mamamayan. Pinaparangalan natin siya bilang ulirang kadreng komunista, katangi-tanging makabayang Pilipino, magiting na Pulang mandirigma, malinaw na tagapagpahayag at mabisang edukador at organisador sa hanay ng masang anakpawis.

 Kasama tayo ng Partido, NPA, NDFP, mga organo ng kapangyarihang demokratiko, mga organisasyong masa at ng buong sambayanan sa pagpaparangal kay Ka Roger. Ang kanyang rebolusyonaryong kasaysayan ay mahusay na nilalagom sa pahayag ng Komite Sentral ng PKP na nagbibigay sa kanya ng Pulang saludo at gayundin sa pahayag ng Panrehiyong Komite ng Partido sa Timog Katagalugan, na naglalarawan sa kanya bilang walang kamatayang tinig ng rebolusyon sa Pilipinas at ng sambayanang Pilipino.

Palagian kaming humahanga ni Julie kay Ka Roger na galing siya sa pamilyang magsasaka at manggagawang bukid at masigasig na nagtrabaho  para dagdagan ang kita ng pamilya at makaipon ng pera para kumuha ng ilang pormal na pag-aaral. Ipinagmamalaki namin na sumapi siya sa Kabataang Makabayan at kasunod nito’y pinaunlad niya ang kamulatan at ak tibismong makabayan at progresibo hanggang sa antas ng rebolusyonaryong proletaryo.

Nagalak kami nang malaman namin na kabilang siya sa mga kasamang nakatakas mula sa piitan ng Camp Vicente Lim noong 1973. At  tumawa kami nang husto nang ikwento ng mga kasamahan niya sa pagtakas ang kanyang malaking hilig sa pagpapatawa at ibahagi ang ilan sa kanyang mga patawa na may seryosong pampulitikang laman laban sa US at sa pasistang diktadura ni Marcos. Natawa kami sa pangyayaring hindi ipinaalam sa kanya ang balak sa pagtakas subalit naulinigan niya ito sa huli at iginiit niyang maisali sa pagtakas.

Napakagaling niya sa pagtuturo at pag-organisa  ng gawaing Partido at gawaing masa. Sa gayon tumaas ang panunungkulan niya sa Partido, laluna sa Timog Katagalugan. Subalit ang gawaing  mahal na mahal niya sa lahat ay ang pagiging brodkaster sa radyo. Natutuwa siyang gumawa ng sariling mga brodkast sa radyo Sierra Madre ng kilusan at sumagot sa mga tanong mula sa kapwa niyang mga brodkaster sa malalaking network ng radyong nakabase sa Maynila.

Seryoso ang madalas niyang sabihin na ayaw niyang maging mataas na pinuno ng rebolusyonaryong pamahalaan, kundi ambisyon niyang maging tuluy-tuloy na brodkaster kapag nagtagumpay na ang bagong demokratikong rebolusyon. Anut-anuman, napakahusay niya sa gawaing propaganda  kaya sumulong siya sa sentral na posisyon bilang tagapagsalita ng Partido at ng NDFP at bilang pinuno ng Kawanihan sa Impormasyon ng Partido.

Noong dekada 1990 kapag lumulubay ako sa pagtugon sa mga interbyu sa radyo mula sa Pilipinas, dahil sa ibang gawain ko, laging ikanatutuwa ko na naririnig si Ka Roger na siyang madalas na tinig ng rebolusyon sa Pilipinas at ng sambayanang Pilipino. Napakalaking bentahe niya ang magsalita sa loob ng Pilipinas mismo at mula sa hanay ng mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa at masa. At malinaw at tuwiran ang kanyang estilo ng pagpapahayag tungkol sa mga pinakamasalimuot na kalagayan at pagsusuri sa simpleng mga termino na gagap ng masa.

Binalak namin sa negotiating panel ng NDFP noong unang mga taon ng nakaraang dekada na dalhin si Ka Roger sa labas ng bansa bilang political consultant, hindi  para mabigyan siya ng kalingang medikal dahil napakahusay naman ang nakukuha niyang pag-aalaga sa magagaling na  doktor sa Pilipinas kundi dahil nais namin siyang alisin sa kalagayan na lagi siyang nakakapaggiit  na gumawa ng mahirap na trabaho at lumakad nang malayo sa mahirap na kalupaan. Subalit mula Hunyo 2001 halos nabalaho ang usapang pangkapayapaan.

Tinutukoy namin ang bigong pagnanais na ito para ipakita kung gaano namin kamahal si Ka Roger at gaano ang aming pag-aalala sa kanya dito sa labas ng Pilipinas. Mangyari pa, di namin tinatawaran ang napakahusay na pag-aruga sa kanya ng mga kasama at kaibigan sa loob ng Pilipinas sa kabila ng mga panganib at hirap. Gaanuman kalaking tulong ay hindi sasapat para ipakita ang pasasalamat sa  di-makasariling dedikasyon at paglilingkod ni Ka Roger sa sambayanan.

Nagpakita rin ang kilusan ng lakas ng rebolusyonaryong katangian at organisasyon sa kakayahan nitong pangalagaan ang kaligtasan ni Ka Roger mula sa walang habas na pagtugis sa kanya ng kaaway, gayundin sa paulit-ulit na pagtatanong ng kanyang kapwa mga brodkaster sa malaking media.

Nagpapasalamat tayo kay Ka Roger sa kanyang pamana ng walang-takot na paghahandog-buhay at matatag na pakikibaka na dulot niya sa sambayanan at mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa. Ang kanyang rebolusyonaryong buhay at gawa ay bahagi na ng patuloy na lumalaki at sumusulong na pwersa ng rebolusyong Plipino. Nagbigigay sigla ang kanyang pamana sa kasalukuyang salinlahi at sa mga susunod pa.

Laging magsisilbing huwaran sa rebolusyonaryong kabataan at buong sambayanan ang kanyang halimbawa.###

(Pinaskil dito nang may pang-ayon ni Ka Joma Sison)



Sison, Jose Maria. Parangal kay Ka Roger.  10 Oktubre 2011.

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