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Sex Sins of the Mosaic Patriarchs/Messengers/Prophets/Fathers

Updated December 9, 2011

How come sex scandals seem to be an occasional, if not inherent, part of the lives of "religious" men--those supposed prophets or patriarchs or officials of the Mosaic religions?

A good number of Catholic priests, of course, have been involved in humiliating sex scandals through the centuries although the heat has come on only quite recently. In colonial-era Philippines, Spanish friars are notorious (or infamous, depending on one's racial persuasion) for having diluted the race of the natives through not a few cases.

Protestant evangelists, particularly the television-known American evangelists, have as well disgraced their congregations. Notable among them are Jimmy Swaggart and Tammy Bakker.

The Muslim prophet Muhammad has been called a vile polygamist, "a xxx pedophile with twelve wives– and his last one was a nine year old girl."

Felix Manalo, the late founder of the Filipino indigenous church, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), was involved in the sex scandal wherein he supposedly molested and raped some 30 women members of his church--either maidens or wives of male INC members.

Should not be the religions per se. Or is it?  Is it the patriarchy? Is it because men are supposed to be sexually promiscuous or polygamous by nature?

So why are they--males--made the religious leaders???


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