Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jose Maria Sison's Message of Solidarity to the International Cultural Festival in Berlin

Jose Maria Sison's Message of Solidarity to the International Cultural Festival in Berlin, 16 October 2010

The international cultural festival on 16th of October in Berlin is an initiative of cooperation of international organisations, and immigrants organisations as well, existing in Germany. It corresponds to a growing need, of going beyond the borders of one´s country to deal with situations together with others, to fight together with them, to exchange experiences with them, to bundle together our different forces, against those prevailing on us, into an alliance – and last but not least together to take care of the culture and the festival...
There is a real possibility of getting to know the ICOR-project. Around 70 revolutionary parties and organisations throughout the world, are engaged in the setting-up of an international organisation for coordination their practical activity (ICOR).
They share the view and understanding, that time has now come to develop an new level of over borders coordination and cooperation between revolutionaries. As an integral part of the international cultural festival, there will be reports on the progress achieved and on the participation in the founding process of the ICOR....MORE

Warm welcome to the homepage of the international cultural festival on 16th October in Berlin!

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