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Why the Chinese should understand HOCUS PCOS Philippine "President" Noynoy Aquino

WHILE  reports of  automated HOCUS PCOS  electoral fraud last May 10 were still being investigated by the Philippine Congress, with Joseph Estrada, Nicanor Perlas, Jamby Madrigal, JC de los Reyes, and Bro. Eddie Villanueva NOT yet conceding:

May 27, 2010 - "Chinese Ambassador Liu Jinchao pays courtesy call to president-apparent Noynoy Aquino"

The Chinese embassy would not give details of the visit, but it was reported that since Aquino is a fifth-generation Chinese on his mother side, the so-called “Fujian connection” was also mentioned between the two. Fijuan is a province in southeastern China where Aquino's maternal ancestors originated.

May 29, 2010 - Presidentiable Jc de los Reyes remarks at Facebook that foreign envoys (including the United States) should have been "diplomatic" enough not to preempt the Philippine poll process.

May 29, 2010 - Liu Jinchao defends his premature visit, claiming it is personal and that Noynoy is a "very good friend."

MANILA, Philippines - Chinese Ambassador Liu Jinchao said that his visit to president-apparent Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III last Thursday was a personal visit to a “very good friend” and an incumbent senator.

"Very good friend"? Iyon naman pala eh. So dapat nainintindihan ng Hong Kong /Chinese people na mahilig lang tumawa si HOCUS PCOS "President" Noynoy.  In English, if indeed, as Ambassador Liu Jinchao earlier claimed, Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III and he are chummy chummy, then he should make the Hong Kong people understand that it is simply in the psychologically complex nature of the current occupant of Malacanang to make such seemingly insulting smiles even amidst tragedies.

Besides, no less than Liu Jinchao pointed to the "Fujian connection" of the Cojuangco side of the Philippine "President. So there, one Yellow race connection, so just forgive  the blunders of the administration of the HOCUS PCOS one, will you, Chinese/Hong Kong people?

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The so-called HOCUS PCOS Aquino III administration, dubbed "Unelected and Illegal" by the group of presidentiable Perlas, concededly committed diplomatic faux pas he failed to initiate the call, or to answer the call, of  Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang last Monday during the height of the tourist bus hostage crisis. However, considering that the Chinese envoy to the Philippines, along with two others, also committed one when when he made a premature virtual courtesy visit to Aquino III last May 27.

Faux Pas both

Why do I say the action of the Chinese envoy, along with those of the United States and Japan, should be considered a diplomatic faux pas, if not a breach of diplomatic protocol? Because the visit was somehow timed with the height of the automated poll fraud hearings being heard by the congressional canvassing committee. Thus, China's decision to send its envoy to the Philippines necessarily sends the message that Aquino III is their "annointed one" so you Filipino solon-canvassers better consider that.

While Jinchao defended the visit by raising the rather conflicting arguments that it is personal, Aquino III being a "very good friend," and "he is a senator," the act  nevertheless smacked of political at a very political time. It does need much education for a person to reckon that the electoral, pre-proclamation phase called for diplomatic NEUTRALITY. That supposed 'personal' courtesy visit, it should be noted, was NOT kept private. As presidentiable de los Reyes  now comments on the May visit:
It's different if they chatted privately. Here they allowed media to take their pictures and even video. It was a public spectacle. They (Aquino III and Liu Jinchao] and both are a travesty of political delicadeza.

How personal can that visit be when Noynoy himself said that "he and Liu Jinchao also talked about the controversial broadband deal the Arroyo administration entered into with China's Zhong Xing Telecommunications Equipment Corp. (ZTE)." Why would Aquino III, who has on record absolutely zero accomplishment as a solon, be bothered with such an issue if not in connection with what was then being projected-by-his-partisans to be his "apparent" future role as Philippine President. That the Chinese envoy's visit was much more than personal is well seen in how GMANews.TV-7 and other media entities headlined it no less as a "courtesy call."

Illogic of Anger towards the Filipino Nation

In other words, since both Jinchao and Aquino III had been guilty of diplomatic faux pas in the very recent past; and since the presidency of the illegal and fraudulently elected Noynoy is partly a product of Chinese anointing; and since both figures claim to be "very good" friends having a common Fujian connection; and since the Filipino people have expressed multiple times their sincerest apologies and sympathies to the victims of the tragic bus hostage incident, the Hong Kong Chinese people, therefore, would do wisely to open their minds and hearts to forgive those responsible for the deaths of their compatriots.

If not forgive the direct perpetrator(s), the HK Chinese people should at least exercise a sober and sane perspective that the killings of the eight persons was NOT an act of the Filipino nation. To do otherwise smacks of illogic and even racism. Thank you for those who understand. For the others, stop the racist hatred please.



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