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How to Get ERAP ESTRADA Campaign Materials by LBC door-to-door Delivery Nationwide

The following is a repost from the Jeep in Erap Facebook page re instructions how to obtain Estrada campaign materials:



    President Joseph Estrada described Jeep ni Erap as a nationwide group of small and middle-income businessmen that have volunteered to help deliver the votes in May.

    My name is John Petalcorin and I volunteered to coordinate and administer the Jeep Ni Erap Group Facebook Division. This Division is so unique because our logistics is as quick as lightning. I get our campaign materials directly from San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito and I send them at standard quantities in packages to members nationwide by LBC.

    To accomplish the group's mission of delivering the votes in May 10, 2010, members of the Jeep Ni Erap Facebook Division will primarily get and distribute the limited edition of Car Stickers of Erap's carichature. Our specific mission is to help these materials (posters and stickers) get installed in appropriate places allowable by COMELEC rules.

    Car stickers are supposed to be installed personally by us and directly on pro-erap cars, bikes, tricycles, and trucks -- we don't give them like hand-outs. We also do street-level sticker operation in Metro Manila, at ganun din, tayo din mismo ang nag-didikit.


    But there is a FEE for the LBC Delivery

    THE CONTENT OF THE PACKAGE is FREE, but you have to pay for the LBC.

    Your payment for LBC must be made BEFORE ordering because the money will be used to pay to courier your package by LBC door-to-door delivery.

    If you want to get Erap stuffs but don't want to pay for the LBC, we encourage you to personally go directly to PMP HQ at 409 Shaw Mandaluyong to get your Erap posters. Take note that I won't guarantee you that you can get "special" Erap stuffs like Erap Baller ID or Erap Button Pin in the PMP HQ.



    PACKAGE A (P100) - is a small size envelope LBC plastic package. It contains 100 Erap Car Stickers, 1 piece Erap Baller ID, 1 piece Erap Button Pin, 3 pieces Erap Plastic Posters, etc. We may add other stuffs, depending on the availability.

    PACKAGE B (P200) - is a medium size envelope LBC plastic package. It contains 100 Erap car stickers, 3 pieces Erap Baller ID, 3 pieces Erap Button Pin, 5 pieces Erap Plastic Posters, etc. We may add other stuffs like Erap CD, depending on the availability. [Note: As of the last week of April, Package B's Baller ID content is increased from 3 pcs to 20 pcs].
    PACKAGE C (P300) - This contains Package B plus 1 piece of a very limited edition Jeep Ni Erap Patch. The Erap Patch is an embroidered Erap Caricature that is similar to our JEEP NI ERAP facebook group profile photo. We may add other stuffs like Erap CD, depending on the availability.

    DIRECT STITCH of ERAP PATCH. If you are just in Metro Manila, maybe you would want an Erap Patch be embroidered directly on whatever shirt, bag, flaglet, chaleko, vest if you can bring your garment to the factory site at Monograms Plus at Megamall B, 3rd Floor, EDSA Mandaluyong City, Tel#02-6335524. The patch has a price of P120 and is released in 10 days after the order is made. We have some picture of this patch in our group photos.



    Step 1. Choose your Package Type --- Package A, Package B, or Package C.

    Step 2. Invite me as Facebook Friend to enable you to communicate to me.

    Step 3. Pay the LBC Courier Service. Simply go to any LBC Hari ng Padala Branch and remit the amount corresponding to your chosen Package (Package A is P100, Package B is P200, and Package C is P300). Send your remittance to:

    John Odonnell R. Petalcorin

    #5 Houston Street
    Marikina City
    Tel# 0921-7172040.

    You may indicate in the Remittance Form that you are sending your remittance directly to LBC Remittance Card # 1880033454 or for me to pick it up at nearest LBC Branch. You will be given a receipt with a Tracking Number.

    Step 4. Tell me your ORDER by sending a FACEBOOK PERSONAL MESSAGE to me. Your ORDER must contain the following:

    A. Your True Name

    B. Complete Address
    C. Telephone number
    D. Tracking# of your LBC Remittance
    E. Amount donated
    F. Your Order: Package A or Package B or Package C

    The package will be sent to you within 24 hours from the time you ORDER it. The package will arrive to you (door-to-door) the next working-day after we send it. Immediately after I send the package, I will send you the Tracking Number by Facebook Message and you can check the status of your package in the LBC Website.



    The member is encouraged to post a comment on the wall or post a picture of the accomplishment. You may post your pro-erap group pictures that shows your posters and stickers on cars, motors, and pedicabs.

    You may also thank JV Ejercito directly for the freebies.

    Request for replenishment of campaign material can be done using same process above.

    Remember our motto: Acta Non Verba, Crescite et Multiplicamini - meaning, Action not words, Increase and Multiply.



    Truly yours,


    Volunteer Coordinator
    JEEP NI ERAP Facebook Group
    April 17 at 9:11am · Report

  • -John Remollo Petalcorin -
    QUESION: How to go to PP HQ?

    ANSWER: Pro-Erap Volunteers within Metro Manila are encouraged to visit the PMP HQ at 409 Shaw Mandaluyong. It is along Shaw from EDSA you go towards Mandaluyong/Manila. 409 Shaw is a tall building at the right side na ang facade ay under-construction pa. From Edsa, madadaanan mo ang SHELL, PETRON. Ang building ay katabi ng NISSAN/MAZDA. Pasok ka sa loob agad ng building at sabihin sa guard na kukuha ka ng campaign materials ng PMP for Erap, sa 1st floor ang parking.


    QUESTION: Is there a Package A,B,C in PMP HQ that is similar to the contents of the package of Jeep Ni Erap Facebook Group?

    ANSWER: NO. PMP HQ have their own set of package, depending on your participation to the campaign. Most limited edition Erap Stuffs are available only in Jeep Ni Erap Group in Facebook.

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