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Tell me this isn't CHEATING (Elections 2010)

Repost of Noelle Velasquez' post on Facebook:

So, I'm out of the country and really excited by election results. I decided to check results in my town (Monti baby!) just to see who was winning. Awesome site by Comelec by the way. Everything's in pie graphs. I digress. I'm randomly checking precincts when I saw one with an almost improbable results. Aquino with 734 votes, Acosta with 3 votes and Villar with 1 vote. I said to myself, "Wow! Super landslide si Noynoy!" then went on to check the results for the other positions. What got me worried was with the results of the partylist. I know most of the people couldn't care less about partylist and if you probably ask 10 different people in the room about which partylist they're voting for, you'll probably get at least 5 different answers. With this posted result, Alagad partylist got 700 votes and the next 4 got a vote each while the rest got zero. Whatthe? Senator, Board Member and Councilor votes got concentrated on the top 12, top 4 and top 8 respectively with the following candidates getting single digit votes.

Here is the link for that precinct:

This would have been a rare coincidence if it happens on one precinct. But once I checked the others, I came up with 3 more that shows similar results.

Now, please tell me that this is a rare coincidence. That I'm being paranoid and overcritical because these things could actually happen. Because right now, my mind is jumping to conclusions. That maybe, this automated elections (and I've been very very complimentary of it) is not as safe from cheating as we have been told it is.

I've taken several selected screenshots of the results from 2 of the links above. And here they are for easy viewing.
Precinct numbers 0143B, 0143C, 0143D, 0143E, 0144A

Precinct numbers 0143B, 0143C, 0143D, 0143E, 0144A

Precinct numbers 0143B, 0143C, 0143D, 0143E, 0144A

And the link mentioned above.
Precinct numbers 0144B, 0144C, 0144D, 0144E, 0144F

Precinct numbers 0144B, 0144C, 0144D, 0144E, 0144F

Precinct numbers 0144B, 0144C, 0144D, 0144E, 0144F

Checking the locations of the precincts, it is located in Tagumpay Elem. School, Tagumpay Comp. San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal.

Oops.. The photos were too small but you can still see the outline of having 3 digit votes and single digit votes for the next one. Please do check the website to see what I am saying.

I am in no way assuming that a particular candidate or party manipulated the results.

Reactions anyone?

After reading all your comments, I think the most likely explanation is indeed INC block voting. I also considered this as a possible reason early on in the comments section (which won't show the earlier comments, I'm not sure why). I did not do this to seek attention or gain popularity or what not. I believe I was doing my job as a citizen in questioning any possible anomalies in results. I did bring up several possibilities early on in the comments section. Also, let me clarify, I believe in this system and do not wish to inflict blame on it. I commend Dick Gordon for proposing automated elections and the Arroyo government for pushing through with it.

I think I let enough time pass for discussion. Let us all be happy that a reasonable explanation has been brought to our attention and this matter can be closed.

Mabuhay kayong lahat! And thank you for taking time to react. :)

This article is worth taking a look at. It mentions the INC community in Montalban.


Velasquez, Noelle. "Screenshots of HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE election results!"

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