Monday, May 17, 2010

Bangon Pilipinas investigates reports of possibly millions of uncounted Party votes

BANGON Pilipinas Party said it will investigate complaints from members that votes of their candidates were not counted in the last elections.

The Party said that while the automated electoral system has been applauded for the speed at which it generated the result of the May 10 election, “efficiency or expediency in determining electoral results can never compromise or substitute for the sanctity of the ballot which must at all times be protected.”

“We have received alarming complaints from a growing number of voters who attest that their choice of candidates in the May 2010 election have not been properly registered or counted by the PCOS machines. They claim under oath that in the precincts where they voted, the election results show a much lesser number of votes obtained by Bangon Pilipinas candidates than the actual number of votes cast in their favor,” BPP vice presidential candidate Perfecto Yasay said.

The complaints, he said, “could ultimately involve millions of voters. It is a matter of great and urgent national importance not only because it impacts on the right of suffrage of the citizenry, but if confirmed to be true, constitutes a grave threat to Philippine democracy.”

Bangon Pilipinas standard bearer Bro. Eddie Villanueva said he received reports that in many precincts where his supporters voted, he garnered zero votes. He said the party would verify the reports. “We will seek justice for this. Our lawyers will look into this matter,” he said.

Yasay also stated that the party’s team of lawyers is studying possible remedies “to uphold and safeguard the sacred rights of the electorate and to submit their recommendations as quickly as possible.”

He stressed that any action to be taken by Bangon Pilipinas on the reports ”will be for the Filipino people and not for the purpose of questioning the victory, prevent or contest the proclamation of any candidate as the winner in this historic electoral contest.”

“In fact it will not be about protecting or upholding the rights or claims of any candidate. Its singular purpose is to preserve and defend our democracy by ensuring the secrecy and sanctity of the ballot as guaranteed under our Constitution,” Yasay added.

He also invited voters who may have the same experience when they cast their ballots and monitored the counting to come forward. -end-

(Bangon Pilipinas Press Release)


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