Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Petition to NULLIFY the May 10, 2010 Philippine Presidential and Vice-Presidential ELECTION Results

Please DOWNLOAD, PRINT, and GATHER SIGNATURES for presentation before the COMELEC

Petition to NULLIFY Presidential and Vice-Presidential ELECTION Results

Signature campaign by Jun Cary V. Suitos

Suitos' comment:

Hahayaan na lang ba nating gaguhin tayong muli? Makilahaok. Manindigan. Ipaglaban ang iyong karapatan. Just click the link below and print out the documents. Let's mobilize this cause, for the betterment of this nation. On June 5, pagsamasamahin natin ang pirma ng taong bayan. Magtipun-tipon tayo sa COMELEC National Office, Intramuros, Manila @3pm. Or ipadala ang mga nakalap na pirma sa PMP Headq

3 comments: said...

I made an online petition for this same purpose as started by Jun Cary V. Suitos. Follow the link below and affix your signature

This is directed to my e-mail address then we can forward this to Congress and other relevant institution.

Hey there Mr. Suitos, get in touch so that I can forward to you the petition to be added to what you gathered. Let us all work together to achieve a real mandate of the people.

MikeS said...

Pinas is so much injured .Dont give her to much pain this time.The people have spoken.Let's respect and accept the results of the last elections.I did not vote for the winners, but we have to move forward and not looking back.

Jesusa Bernardo said...

That's the big question--is it the real voice of the people that was automatedly (so to speak) recorded?

Isn't it the case that Pinas is in pain because of the seething hurt that comes from the thwarting of the people's real electoral voice?

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