Thursday, May 13, 2010

Appeal by Nicanor Perlas: WERE OUR VOTES COUNTED?

Presidentiable Nicanor Perlas has issued a press statement yesterday to the effect that he refuses to concede because he believes that:
Aquino does not have a clear mandate. He is not yet the undisputed winner of the elections. Joseph Ejercito Estrada may eventually surpass Aquino. Even if this does not happen, Aquino’s potential mandate remains indeterminate due to the partial failure of the automated election system (AES). The AES may have prevented as many as 5-8 million Filipinos from voting. It is premature to say that the elections were fair and honest. Fast returns? Yes. Relatively peaceful? Yes. But accurate, clean and honest? Doubtful.

The following is the appeal letter released by his office in regards their attempt to determine the accuracy of the elections based on how accurate the counting of Perlas votes were.

Dear Volunteers and Supporters,

As part of our ongoing research in determining whether the electoral process is fair, clean, and accurate, we are going to cross check votes actually casted for Nicanor Perlas versus votes that were transmitted by the PCOS machine and tallied and counted by Comelec. We need your assistance in this task.

To those who are willing to contribute, may we know the following information:

1. Your precinct number and area (barangay/municipality/city/province);
2. If you voted for Nicanor Perlas;
3. The number of other people you are DEFINITE who voted for Nick in your precinct/clustered precinct (family, friends, neighbors).

We need this information the soonest.

You may post the information here, you may also e-mail us at, text at 09088737527, 09166445806 or call at 02 4669520.

You may also verify if your vote was actually counted by checking

Thank you for your continued support.

Tammy B. Dinopol


Source: Mr. Nicanor Perlas' Facebook page. 13 March 2010.

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