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Crisis of Philippine Sovereignty Series

(Pinoy Global Online News has come up with a series of articles on the the fraudulent conduct of the May 10, 2010 AES elections in the Philippines and its implications to the democracy and sovereignty of the Southeast Asian nation. The following provides previews and links to the series).  

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 17 - Philippine Computer Society sues Comelec, SmartmaticTIM

Celis presents incontrovertible forensic findings
The Philippine Computer Society filed on June 29, 2010 with the Office of the Ombudsman, criminal and administrative complaints against the chairman and six commissioners of the Commission of Elections and six other public officials who were part of the technical evaluation committee.

The complaint also covered six private persons, including Cesar Flores and Heider Garcia, president and electoral systems manager of Smartmatic respectively; and Jose Maria Antunez and Nilo Cruz, chairman and president of Total Information Management.

The respondents have been sued for violation of the Constitution, the anti-graft and corrupt practices law (RA 3019), the code of conduct and ethical standards (RA 6713) and the government procurement reform law (RA9184).

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 16 - Germans bite the bullet, rule its own election unconstitutional

Will the indios follow suit or just swallow the dung?

When Solidarity for Sovereignty (S4S) began this advocacy, we met all kinds of ridicule.

“Drop it”, one lady at the Philippine Computer Society forum said, “we don’t want to start a constitutional crisis.” But madam, we are not starting any constitutional crisis, because the Comelec and Gloria Arroyo have already bequethed us one. What we are trying to find out is the best way we can respond to and get out of this constitutional crisis.

“We don’t want a banana republic!” wrote one emailer. But sir, ever since Cory Aquino took over we have been a banana republic. In fact we have been a rotten banana! The changes have been illusory.

She did not get us out of our foreign debt, in fact she mired us deeper into it. Fidel Ramos has made us pay for power even if we don’t use it; he privatized and sold the military bases in violation of his promise to his own soldiers, and worse she did not even pay off the soldiers’ dividends. Joseph Estrada stole from the poor gamblers to fill his rich pockets. We handed power to Gloria Arroyo in a golden platter, she did not return the platter and instead filled it up with billions in plunder and ran away with both platter and plunder.

All this because our military protected them at the expense of the people. I do not know what could be more banana than that.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 15 - Root of Nullity of the Exercise is the Rape of the Constitution

Smartmatic, a foreign corporation, conducted the Elections, with the Comelec acting as its Secretariat

What defines the Philippines as a democracy, what defines the Philippines as a republic, is Article 2 Section 1 of the Philippine Constitution, as it proclaims sovereignty residing in the people.

This is not the case however of the 2010 automated elections, where the exercise was not, of the people, for the people and by the people.

It is on this basis that the position of the Solidarity for Sovereignty (S4S), has become a most serious document, especially as Dean Merlin Magallona, a foremost constitutionalist from the University of the Philippines, lays down the foundation of the legal theory further bolstering the case filed by Homobono Adaza et al in the Supreme Court.

Frankly it is more of a historic document than the filing itself.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 14 - Pumping Patriotic sense into the Filipino Subservient Chicken starts as a Joke…

And ends with So-called errors and faults in the Poll Automation as deliberate.

An emailer once said we should really feel bad about having fake elections, afterall the United States of America, in the light of recent documentary proofs uncovered, may now be headed by a Kenyan.

Frankly I don't find that funny at all because that is a sovereignty issue.

When the Philippine Congress reverses our 200 mile limit to please China , and the President of the Philippines signs up, and not a whimper of protest did I hear from any Filipino, his sovereignty just flew out of the window.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 13 - The Constitutional Crisis that Comelec and GMA created, So Help us God!

The day before the inauguration of our first digital president installed by Smartmatic, I joined Bono Adaza and other patriotic Filipinos in filing for this case, which when the Supreme Copurt sustains, will return to us the people of the Philippines, the sovereignty guanranteed by our Constitution.

Simply put, the legal theory after everything has been said and done are two-fold:

1) The Comelec outsourced the conduct of the 2010 national and local elections to a foreign corporationm in violation of the Constitution of the Philippines, a blatant act of treason.

2) The Comelec violated the Omnnibus Election Code, the Automated Election Systems (AES)Law, the E-Commerce Act and various other laws of the Republic to tailor-fit to and accommodate a system of unabashed fraud that has been masterminded by the former President and the Secretary of Interior and Local Government.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 12 - Penoy Clueless as Maverick Adaza strikes again!

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 12 - Penoy's Motherhood Rhetorics Clueless about Real State of Philippine Sovereignty

Bono Adaza files Election Annulment Case in the Supreme Court

On his first day as the country's first digital president, Benigno Cojuangco Aquino III messed up on his inaugural protocol and lulled his audience with motherhood statements that must have sent Cory turning in
her grave.

Failing to acknowledge the presence of the outgoing President and the incumbent Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court, Aquino established the level of arrogance under which he will serve whatever is remaining
of his fake regime. There is a Spanish dictum that says “Lo cortes, no quita lo valiente.” Courtesy does not make one less valiant. So uncouth and under borrowed time, this could have been his first strategic error in presidential role playing.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 11 - 'Pekeng Pangulo' - The Philippines inaugurates its first digital president!

'Pekeng Pangulo': The Philippines inaugurates its first digital president

Today the Philippines inaugurates its first digital president, installed into office by Smartmatic.

Yesterday, Homobono Adaza, Mentong Laurel and I filed a case in the Supreme Court for the annulment of
the 2010 election.

Millions of our people flocked to the polls last May 10 to express their sovereignty through the ballot. Spending more than seven billion of taxpayers' money in order to acquire an Automated Election System, the occasion presented a historic opportunity for our government to gift us, the people with truly a fast, accurate and honest way of determining the outcome of our vote after more than fifty years of contentious experience in manual count.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 10 - Ronnie Puno, mastermind of 2010 failure of election.

Emails 105 - Ronnie Puno, mastermind of 2010 failure of election

I will not belabor these emails further as they are self-explanatory and because I will come out with another op-ed today. I will only say that it was clear that the cheat machinery in favor of Gibo Teodoro was hitting a wall because of the inability of the Lakas-Kampi candidate to inch closer to the leading presidential candidate. At the end, GMA and Puno decided to monetize their prep by selling out to NoyNoy Aquino, as Linda Montayre reported in the Article 03 of this series. Welcome to the Aquinorroyo world!
From: "Ronaldo V. Puno "

Subject: Control is needed

To: "President G. Arroyo"

Received: Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:03:47 AM


With the most recent developments, a lot of us feel that we have pushed ourselves against the wall. If we try to go ahead with the election as scheduled. We are doing so at a risk of failing to do what we have planned all along. When I say fail, I mean not all of the targeted goals will be accomplished.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 09 - GMA not Comelec controlled 2010 Elections

Emails 104 - GMA not Comelec controlled 2010 Elections

Subtitle - Secretary Puno: "Heads will roll"

The Comelec is supposed to be a constitutional body. Yet what we read in these postings that reek of a
conspiracy of the first and highest order?

Its commissioners are not only reporting to President Arroyo with the Interior Secretary as conduit but are following instructions from the executive branch of government including lurid details that are self-explanatory they need no further editorializing.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 08 - Hocus PCOS is commonsensical

Emails 103 - Hocus PCOS is commonsensical

A recent headline of the Philippine Star read "Hocus PCOS, not possible".

The last email sent by a certain Gary Hardaway to Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronaldo Puno belies this intended balm of the Belmonte-owned newspaper, and in gruesome details at that. The newspaper was definitely adding to the euphoria established by the first automated elections in the history of the Philippines that dished out millions of tallied votes at lightning speed but accompanied by a thunder of doubt as to its accuracy and integrity.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 07 - The Integrity of the IP Address and Hacking the Count

Email 102 - The Integrity of the IP Address and Hacking the Count

In Emails 101, we included a March 12, 2010 posting of Interior and Local Governments Secretary Ronaldo
Puno to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, citing his conversation with a certain William Burns of the US State Department calling attention to the fact "Smartmatic has disabled the (PCOS) machine's ultraviolet ray reader of each ballot's barcode."

Secretary Puno added that "the information they have about Smartmatic's move to disable the UV Ray Reader was supposedly confidential and yet they know about it, which points to the fact that we discussed,there is a mole among our people."

This conversation between the chief executive of this country and her interior secretary is so revealing of a self-explanatory cloak-and-dagger operation, happening at the blind side of the Filipino people but has been intercepted by US intelligence.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 06 - First Set of Damning mails (Backgrounder)

Damning Emails 101: Backgrounder

It is now common knowledge that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was caught on tape discussing gruesome details about how she stole the elections from Fernando Poe Jr.. The smoking gun was her conversation with Comelec official Garcillano,reporting on conditions in the field and where she was giving specific instructions to dagdag-bawas votes in her favor.

This time, there will be less talking, more of writing, but where it will be obvious that President Arroyo and Secretary Ronaldo Puno of Interior and Local Government were in direct communications discussing sensitive election matters.

Curiously, the US State Department becomes part of the loop on the matter of easing out specific ballot safeguards and certain justices of the Supreme Court on constitutional matters involved in the possibility of a no-proclamation for president and vice-president.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 05 - It's an GloriAquino world afterall!

If we are to believe what Dai Montayre says and in the series of emails that I will soon serialize here, Gloria Macapagal and Mike Arroyo have won their golden parachute to subsequent exoneration and continuing impunity under a Noynoy Aquino administration, despite the zarzuela that is being painted by mainstream media of an apparent animosity between the outgoing and incoming regimes.

Investigative reporters and chroniclers of history ought to take a serious look at these allegations. It tells us it's a GloriAquino or Aquinorroyo world afterall!

I would like to specifically call the attention of those who voted yellow to take a close look at this series. Looks like you have all been taken for a ugly joyride!

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 04 - An Appeal to Dick Gordon

As early as March 2009, i issued a public statement that my personal vote goes to Dick Gordon for president of the Philippines.

This is why when I read this  ABS-CBNarticle on Father's Day, I was so disappointed.

But I am not yet giving up on him.

After being abducted, raped and returned without honor nor integrity, "The 2010 Automated Election Law" has been left without any defense from its very father, Senator Dick Gordon.

Dick knows what evil has befallen this law. Even before the voting snd the counting began, the Comelec had already mangled it, in violation of the Consttitution, our E-Commerce laws and the ruling of the Supreme Court on the motion of Harry Roque, removing all the safeguards against a clean and honest elections.

Crisis of Sovereignty Series 03 - Smoking Gun There Was No 2010 Election Whatsoever

Smoking Gun There Was No 2010 Election Whatsoever Hackers and Smartmatic chose our Leaders, Not the Filipino People

Try explaining to your computer-savvy son or daughter, why you did nothing and sold out his and her future to acquiescence, after you have read this posting. If you blood is not boiling by now, have your doctor check you out, you may be sick of at least a denial syndrome.

Nelson Celis, President of the Philippine Computer Society, assisting the IT Teams of the House, Senate and Comelec doing a forensic on the PCOS machines in Antipolo, has found out that the PCOS machines have programs that do not correspond to the official PCOS program escrowed in Central Bank.


Crisis of Democracy Series 02 - E-Garci, Part Two

Garci noon, e-Garci naman ngayon?

Hackers dangerously compromise integrity of 2010 elections

Part Two of a  Statement for the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (ARBA) for the Solidarity for Sovereignty People's Congress, Club Filipino, June 3, 2010, by ARBA Spokesperson Ado Paglinawan

What is becoming more and more self-evident is that there has been a failure of elections.


Now that Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay have been proclaimed and the  adrenalin of the yellow forces have somewhat simmered, this posting begins the real moment of truth regarding the crisis of sovereignty in  the Philippines.

Garci noon, e-Garci naman ngayon?

Hackers dangerously compromise integrity of 2010 elections

A Statement for the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (ARBA) for the Solidarity for Sovereignty People's Congress, Club Filipino, June 3, 2010, by ARBA Spokesperson Ado Paglinawan

Even before the euphoria for an apparent success of the country's first automated elections could start, Nicky Perlas of the Green Party took exception to the slew of conceding candidates began by Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party. The reason was simple - Perlas was the first to get wind of another grand design to frustrate the people's will, this time however electronically, fast and rapid but fraught with fraud.


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