Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What differs Erap: Ex-President Joseph Estrada at the PCCI presidentiables' forum

With his experience in the country’s highest government post clearly distinguishing him from other presidential wannabes, former president Joseph Estrada yesterday stood tall amidst the other candidates yesterday at a forum organized by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PCCI), providing practical and doable solutions to a host of problems the country continues to face.

Introduced as a man of action by moderator Tony Lopez, Estrada first thanked the members of the PCCI which he described as one business group that did not impose its influence on government affairs.

Estrada drew amused laughter from the audience  when after briefly recounting his long years in government service – preceded by a successful acting career which also spanned several decades – he concluded by saying this was the reason he was no longer used to talking and was more included to “act, act and act.”

Estrada consistently referred to peace and order as the most crucial factor in making any program for development work, from jobs generation to the creation of a more hospitable and attractive business environment for both local and foreign investors.

Ending corruption, meanwhile, was the lynchpin which Estrada pointed out would make a remarkable dent on poverty alleviation programs as well as create a more robust economy,  generate more jobs, and develop the agricultural sector.

Likewise, Estrada pointed out that increased efficiency in tax collection would be the best way of keeping the budget deficit at manageable levels.

The opposition standard bearer added that the energy sector would benefit immensely from increased investments in alternative renewable and “clean” sources such as hydroelectric and geothermal energy. He added that the privatization of the National Power Corp. (Napocor) which stalled under the current administration had to finally push through.

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